• II Forum of Mayors 2022

    The Forum of Mayors is a platform for on-going exchange and mutual learning where Mayors will present their efforts to tackle challenges in their cities. Cities will learn from each other’s best practices in the areas of housing and climate-neutral buildings, green cities and nature-based solutions, sustainable urban transport and safer roads, and smart urban development solutions.

  • I Forum of Mayors 2020

    The first Forum of Mayors brought together city leaders from Europe, North America, Central Asia and the Caucasus to amplify local solutions to address the key challenges of our time. The overall theme focused on “City action for a resilient future: Strengthening local government preparedness and response to emergencies and the impact of disasters and climate change”.

  • Day of Cities 2019

    The Day of Cities brought together Mayors, urban managers and other key municipal practitioners for an exchange of views and knowledge sharing of good practices and successful planning strategies. Mayors and Deputy Mayors discussed approaches on how to create smart sustainable cities, focusing on ways to improve the quality of life of people and on improving efficiency of urban operations, services and competitiveness.


Mayors from 40 different countries in the UNECE region attended the 2020 Forum of Mayors. They spoke about the importance of involving cities in the recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gergely Karácsony
Mayor of Budapest, Hungary
Published on: 19.08.2021
"Cities are on the frontline of climate mitigation and climate adaptation."

I truly hope that the Forum of Mayors will pave the way for bold national and supranatural policies that can empower cities in their fight for carbon-neutrality.

Mayor of Kazan, Russian Federation
Ilsur Metshin
Mayor of Kazan, Russian Federation
Published on: 22.08.2021
"The COVID-19 crisis made the importance of localism clear to the entire world."

Collaboration is key to deal with emerging challenges. I will be pleased to participate in the Forum of Mayors to share our resilience strategies with partners..

Gregor Macedoni
Gregor Macedoni
Mayor of Novo mesto, Slovenia
"Everything global starts local."

That is why I look forward to the <strong>Forum of Mayors 2020 as I firmly believe that we must all act together  to face the challenges we are affected by, aim to inspire change and strenghten the resilience of our cities, countries and our planet.

Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala
Mayor of Milan, Italy
"COVID-19 has disproportionally affected cities."

Mayors do not want to take any step back in terms of sustainability and equity. Our vision points to a green and just recovery.

Peter Danielsson
Peter Danielsson
Mayor of Helsingborg, Sweden
"After COVID-19 we must strenghten our cities' resilience."

That is why I welcome the Forum of Mayors, where mayors will gather and take actions towards more resilient cities.

Zdeněk Hřib
Zdeněk Hřib
Mayor of Prague, Czech Republic
"COVID-19 is creating an opportunity for green recovery and technological progress."

Cities will be crucial stakeholders in this recovery process</strong> and Prague is committed to lead by example.

Sami Kanaan
Sami Kanaan
Mayor of Geneva, Switzerland
"The voice of cities needs to be heard when dealing with the COVID-19 response"

The voice of cities needs to be heard when dealing with the COVID-19 response and when tackling climate change</strong>, the defining issues of our time.

Maia Bitadze
Maia Bitadze
Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, Georgia
"Resilience is not an abstract word."

I deeply believe that through the Forum of Mayors we will share the best ways to <strong>make resilience more tangible for cities.

Hazel Chu
Hazel Chu
Lord Mayor of Dublin, Republic of Ireland
"2020 has thrown up challenges none of us could possibly have anticipated, and forced us to come up with innovative solutions."

I'm looking forward to <strong>sharing ideas with my peers at the Forum of Mayors.

Martin Horn
Martin Horn
Mayor of Freiburg, Germany
"To tackle the greatest challenges of today - climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic - two things are essential."

To tackle the greatest challenges of today - climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic - two things are essential:The resolute action of cities and cross-border cooperation.

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