To address the issue of smokers who dispose of cigarette butts incorrectly and preserve the cleanliness of its beaches, authorities will try to learn more about smokers who visit local beaches and try to adapt to their needs. 

On top of a mobile information stand and free distribution of ashtrays, the city will offer a questionnaire to smokers, to study their profile and behaviour. The questionnaire is available online and can be accessed with a QR code at the mobile information points by the beach. 

Before asking for a change in the negative behaviour among smokers, the city wants to find a way to adapt to them. 

This can happen for instance, by offering more easy-to-find ashtrays in fluorescent colours, or ashtrays of the poll type (where one can answer a poll by throwing their cigarette butt into a box for one of the suggested answers).  

Hopefully, for the next summer season, Nice will know better what it takes to keep a beach clean and will make sure to share it with you. 


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